Friday, 8 June 2012

Pin cushion


Just thought I'd show you my favourite pin cushion. It was made for me by my aunt about 20 years ago. The stitches are very small and it must have been an incredible amount of work. I just love it!

It is filled with rice, which makes it a bit difficult to get your pins in sometimes. A wool/rice might have been a good filling too. But it is so nice I don't mind. Its beauty makes up for it in a big way. 
There are some beautiful alternatives around if you don't fancy all the hard work involved in making one. Here is a very nice one without any embroidery.

And what about this little fellow? It is a pattern by Heather Bailey and you can read more about it here. I think I'll put it on my wish list in my book of wishes. It would make a lovely present for sewing friends, don't you think?

Enjoy your weekend,


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