Thursday, 7 June 2012

Kirsten Kimono Tee

Hi there,

Because I am in dire need of some new summery t-shirts, I decided I might as well continue my t-shirt marathon just for a little while longer. Starting me off was the Kirsten Kimono Tee pattern that the lovely Maria from Denmark designed and put on her weblog. It is a free pattern so if you are interested I would suggest that you hurry over there and download the pattern!

The pattern is as simple as they come: only 2 pattern pieces (and neckline ribbing if you want it) and it has very clear instructions.

I decided to do a trial version first, using some pink jersey that I had lying around (I seem to have lots of fabric 'lying around' in the studio, but rarely big enough to be able to use it for myself - Different story though). When I bought it, it was nearing the end of the bolt and the lady in the shop saw it had some little blue stains on it so she gave me the remaining fabric for free. She didn't have to do it of course, but I was very pleased she did.

The original shirt has a slightly different neckline but I liked the idea of a little waterfall or cowl neck one, just to give a bit more interest to my very plain fabric. Adding a waterfall neckline is very simple to do. You just cut the original pattern underneath the arm and divide the top part into two or three little triangular sections before copying the result onto a new sheet of paper. Easy-peasy!

This drawing is very clear, I think. If you prefer reading it, here is the link.

And this is the result. I apologise for the slightly weird photograph as I was instructed to 'strike a pose' by my very helpful and lovely photographer. As you can see I also added another 10 cm in length to the original pattern.

So, a big thank you to Danish Maria for the pattern and inspiration!

Hope to talk to you soon (HTTTYS)


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