Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Life is all about slaying dragons

Hello you,

Can't remember where I saw this line, but I like it! It is also very applicable to my life at the moment.

Not that I go around hunting down dragons - what for, we're peace lovin' Veggies in our house and not in the slightest blood thirsty - but the feeling of fighting something quite big does seem to be a recurring item on our agenda these days.

Most of it is related to computer stuff, so probably boring and yet familiar to you (or maybe not at all and am I, unintentionally bien sûr, insulting your intelligence).

The delight of working with computers is enormous; we can't even imagine working or living without them anymore. But getting them to do what you want them to can be a bit of a struggle. And tedious. And frustrating. And time consuming. Did I mention boring?

Anyway, I like the slogan so much that I am considering doing some work on it and putting it up in the shop. With the small under caption 'but I am a Veggie' as an optional extra. Would you wear such a thing on your tee when you are having 'one of those days'?

Today I have been able to finish the last of my gift t-shirts. What should have been just a couple, turned out to be 8 in total. Here is the final one:

Don't know what the problem was, but the stitching on my cover locker is back to its well behaving self, even with the woolly nylon.

Happy to call it a day for now on the t-shirt front though!



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