Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Missoni bracelet

Hello you!

Just wanted to share this with you:

Doesn't it make you think of the Italian fashion house Missoni? I'm quite sure that this is the actual bracelet they make their designers work on before they start on a new collection!

The above is just a glimpse of their 'home' range, but check out their women's wear and you'll know what I mean (if you are not already nodding your head at the computer). 

They even have the zigzaggy bits in their favicon (which is the little symbol that pops up in your navigation bar if you are on their site).

For this bracelet I would recommend peace and quiet; about 01.00 am will do the trick, because you will end up in a big muddle if you get distracted. And make sure to finish the pattern of 6 when you stop because you will invariably forget where you were.

Watch the video here and I've written it down for you as a reminder while you work. Don't worry, once you have watched the video a couple of times, it will be clear.

Take 8 strings (dmc embroidery floss), all different colours and work in pairs.
The pattern is 6 rows and is as follows:

Row 1: backward knot, forward knot
Row 2: separate the end strings off and forward knots for the rest of the row
Row 3: forward knots
Row 4: separate the end strings off and forward knots again
Row 5: forward knot, backward knot
Row 6: separate the end strings off and backward knots for the rest of the row.

That is all. I really hope you'll give it a try. Making friendship bracelets would make and ideal holiday activity; you don't need much, some embroidery floss, an old belt or strip of fabric to tie around your leg and a clothes pin to pin your project to the fabric or belt and away you go. All easy to slip into a bag, for any spare time; perfect for long train or car rides, sitting around at airports etc. 

Enjoy your day today!


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