Thursday, 10 May 2012

Blank(et) beginnings

Yay, it is working! After a couple of very frustrating days trying to get my phone to send and receive, my wonderful partner in crime has managed to get it sorted. So I can finally show you the crochet project that I was talking about earlier. Remember this from a year ago?

My love for crochet started by absolutely falling in love with the wonderful and colourful work made by Lucy from Attic24. Amazing, really great stuff! In my books, anyone named Lucy must be an interesting human being, because of the name alone. But then, being called Lucy ├índ being able to crochet a love for all things rainbowy into a multitude of colourful projects just makes you bubble with delight. And she loves Avoca too! Wonderful girl!

Anyway, Lucy's projects made me yearn to be able to do that too. I started by making wonderful ripple cushion covers based on a tutorial on her blog and I was amazed that I could actually understand what she wrote. Just follow the description and off and away you are. 

After the cushion covers I felt brave and felt I should be starting a bigger project. And what better way to do that than by just starting .. something. The double crochet square in a book I have, called 201 crochet motifs, blocks, projects and ideas by Melody Griffiths (which, by the way, is a great book if you are a beginner like me and want to start out with little projects and get some basic knowledge at the same time), looked easy enough to do, and could lead to all sorts of projects. I started off not knowing where my crochet adventure would lead to. Two years later the basis for this project is finally here, I am so excited! This is a purple-blue-green selection of what it has turned out to be.

All the squares are dampened and then pinned to sheets of foam to stretch them out nice and tidily. Once they are dry others will take their place. Then it will be a matter of getting rid of all the end and beginning bits and before I can start sewing them together. Let's hope it won't take ages to do; it seems a lot less exciting than the actual crochet part, but who knows, there may be bliss to be found in the process of calmly putting them together.

Love you and leave you for now,

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