Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Easy peasy dress

Hey, how was your day Honey?

I hope it was nice and busy and that you have now settled for an evening full of nice things to cross off your to-do list! My to-do list is rapidly turning into a short novel, the rate I'm going but that is another story ...

Anyway, I wanted to give you a colourful glimpse of the crochet project I have been working on (for the last 2 years, it seems to want me to take it reeeally slow). But sadly it is not to be as the photo I took is on my phone and I can't seem to send it to my computer. I have recently changed providers and I'm having all sorts of little issues with it. Technology scares me sometimes.

So, on to the next project I have been working on recently.. the Ideal Easy Dress. When I saw a blogpost by a wonderful Belgian lady called Mina Dotter (Polkadotjes)on it a little while ago, and I got very exited. Upon reading the words 'one evening' and 'perfect fit' I got even more exited, because let's face it, sometimes a girl just needs a new dress PDQ. There even is a Flickr page on it, so you can see for yourself if you like it.

 The pattern is from Burda Style and the number is 7828. And my verdict (one down, many, many more to go) is that it does deliver. It is in fact, super easy provided you know your way around jersey fabrics that is. Getting to grips with the downloadable pattern (36 sheets of A4 paper that need to be assembled, no mean feat!) was more difficult than the actual sewing. To test this pattern I bought a cheap and cheerful royal blue fabric with smallish cream dots. Because I can't seem to be getting time in stretches lately, it has taken me longer than one evening but I am sure that if you have everything prepared and have a full evening ahead of you, you could actually do it. On the pattern there are two sleeves, a long sleeve one and a cap sleeve, but you could easily adapt your own favourite style of sleeve to fit the pattern. Thereby creating the possibility of making half a wardrobe full of perfectly simple but adorable dresses.

Edit: I hadn't looked in the mirror yet. Now, seeing the photos I somehow think I need to tweek the pattern a little or even just go up a size. It pulls and creases around the crossover part in a way that I don't like. I kept pulling it to get the creases out. Any ideas?

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