Monday, 14 May 2012


I woke up this morning with a line from an unknown song jumping around in my brain. Over and over.

Because it was a nice and upbeat song, I looked it up on the web and found out that there are lots of different versions of it. The original one is by Taio Cruz and is called Dynamite. It has a catchy rythm but quite simple lyrics. He is one of those cool looking guys, you know the ones, slightly gangsta, with the set jawlines and the sunglasses. Extremely cool but nothing too exciting.

Then I found one that is much better; it uses the same rythm but has much better lyrics. It is by Sarah Joy Gordon and you can have a look here:

 She may not be as cool and she could possibly get more help shooting a professional clip but it is such a good spin on what is in the basis a rather dull song about a night out clubbing. Do you agree?

Hope you enjoy it and start hopping around the place singing: Gaaaalileeeeeeeyo!

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