Friday, 25 May 2012

Rainbow bracelets

Hello, you!

Today is another gorgeous day, and we can finally start believing Summer will actually happen this year.
* big round of applause * 

FYI: This is what my feet look like today. Aren't they beautifully done? And they were a treat too, as a 'start of the season' freebie! Thank you, lovely Els!

For a long time I thought it just mightn't this year. Someone said that one way we already feel the effects of Climate Change in this country is by more and colder Northern winds, and I tend to believe it too. Sunny spells have been alternated by very cold days here. I'm not into all kinds of statisticky things, so it might just be a load of bullcrock, but that is definitely the way it feels to me.

Anyway, on to more important things. Ha! Do you sometimes get hit by 'the sudden wants' (TSW)?  That seem to come up out of nowhere and will actually get you searching the internet for The Thing?
Well, it happens to me. And quite regularly too. I can easily spend an hour (or even two) looking at the most gorgeous fabrics. If I stumble across some beautiful fabric designs, away I am. It can be other things too, but mostly fabric related in my case. Do you know the feeling?

But, in my defence, I don't give in to the TSW's all too easily. It is part of the process to fight the TSW's or - this is where I think the TSW's can actually be a good thing after all - use them as an inspiration to create something beautiful, funny and inspired.

So now it is a leather rainbow bracelet. I actually have no idea why, because I haven't seen any recently or rainbows for that matter. This one is from a shop called RainbowDepot, and I think it is quite nice, but it isn't what I was looking for.

Rainbow Corded Leather Bracelet
And what about this one? By Knotty Linda


You should check out her site, it is hilarious. Her bracelet is nice though. I am getting a sneaky feeling that rainbows have been hijacked by the same sex equal rights campaigners without me knowing about it. Is that something everyone (but me, obviously) knows about?

Not seeing what I wanted spurred me on to want to make my own rainbow bracelet. Do you remember the bracelets that you made when you where younger? These are absolutely gorgeous and made by Jasmijn

She explains clearly (I've put the link under her name) how to do it, what materials you need etc. So if you want to have a go, you can go to the page she posted and see for yourself. Mission half accomplished, I know what I want now, This is It!

I'll keep you posted.

Enjoy your day today, XO


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