Sunday, 20 May 2012

Happy day

Hello there,

Today for me was one of those days where you get lots done and happen to enjoy yourself at the same time too. Even though it started out quite rainy, the sun broke through around noon and made everything look even prettier.

I've been doing some work for the shop, did a little translation (okay, it was tiny, but still, it counts), we did a quick tour of a very nice 'farmers market' and we were invited to a very laid-back and happy little party on the beach. Pretty good for an average Sunday in my books!

Last week I also managed to get a couple of hours of me-time to work on a tunic for our Youngest Flower. I used a pattern by the German Farbenmix in a size 98-104, which should be for children of around 3 to 4yrs old. Although the pattern is easy enough, I couldn't get the original top part of the tunic to fit together as it should do. Many attempts later I still couldn't wrap my head around the way it worked (or should work, but didn't) so I decided to alter the pattern and do the top part again.

It turned out much better, but as I had feared, it was much wider than on the sample photos.
Measuring isn't my strong point, but because I have used the Farbenmix patterns before, I thought its sizing would be similar.

The tunic turned out a lot wider, in fact. The girls are of average build for their length, but the tunic just was way too big.

Just for fun Oldest Flower tried to squeeze in, but we were all surprised to see it did actually fit her! She would normally wear a size 122-128 (7-8yrs) and could fit into this tunic in a size 98-104!!
The sleeves of the tunic are of course shorter, but hey, 7/8 sleeves have not been invented in vain! Luckily she likes it and will be happy to wear it. Hopefully this week I will be able to finish it.

Have a preview of the fitting session though. Notice the wonderful Kaffe Fassett fabric with the clover and the even more wonderful tiny ric-rac in pink. I love it, it is so tiny. I've never seen it before and it just sets the two fabrics off beautifully.

Hope your day was as nice as (or even nicer than) mine of course!



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