Wednesday, 23 May 2012

More creativity

Hello There,

I am so much like a proud mammy that I am slowly realising that I might actually be (unofficially, until officially diagnosed as such by the Irish Proud Mammy Federation) a proud mammy.

Look at what our clever four year old made at school, isn't it lovely?

What about the use of colour, the different textures used?? And the likeness, a-ma-zing! Sorry to be such a brag about it, but I just love little gems like this!

Moving on from little gems to little Gems; this is the second Tee I have been making of this design. 

It is for a lovely two year old little Gem whom we'll be seeing soon. You might still see water marks as I tried to get the chalk marks out before I took the photograph. But they will dry soon, because the weather is gorgeous today.

Hope you have a lovely day outside today!



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