Thursday, 26 July 2012

Little house on the prairie - kinda

Hi there,

If you have ever wanted to experience a what I would call a 'Pippi Longstocking-moment', we have found the perfect place for it!

This wooden caravan is actually a little B&B. Isn't it adorable?! I have tried to capture the inside and hopefully you'll get a feeling of how cute it really is. It has a little kitchenette, with a cooker, kettle, coffee maker, a shower, a toilet and 2 bunk beds. The couch in the living area folds down as a double bed.

Because everything is quite petite, I think you'd better not be too tall or have claustrophobic tendencies. That said, if the weather is ok, there is plenty of space outside for you to enjoy.

Situated in a very pretty coastal village where lots of artists have found their home, this was our home away from home for one night only. But it got us thinking that we should go back one day and experience this deluxe-camping for a bit longer.

Enjoy today & TTYS


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