Saturday, 14 July 2012

Colour blocking

Hi again,

Do you remember the shirt with the unwanted snip at the hem in this post? It sat here looking very unhappy so I had to do something to make it feel better. After looking closely, I decided to open up the sides and take them in to 'move' the snip more to the seam and at the same time making the shirt smaller to fit my girl. I put in sleeves of a different fabric.  Then I covered the remainder of the snip with a little band aid in the shape of my favourite 4 leaf clover. Ahh there, much better!

To turn this shirt into an outfit I also made a short skirt and leggings. I used an old jeans skirt pattern (the Sara skirt from Ottobre 4/2008) because I have been wanting to try it out for ages (uhmm, for about 4 years I guess).

Don't pay any attention to the creases, it has been worn all day, it was nice(r) this morning, honestly!

The skirt pattern wasn't completely to my liking. Much too long and quite straight in the waist. I ended up taking in the sides a bit and putting in some elastic at the back. The end result is very, very plain to my liking, but I seem to be going through a phase of green and blues. I am more of a maximalist pink and red girl. Need to work on that, seriously!



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