Friday, 13 July 2012

Career plans

Hello there,

Ever since we have read Alexander McCall Smith's books about the wonderful adventures of Harriet Bean the career plans of our eldest have dramatically changed.

Her plans used to include being a bookstore owner, being a part-time teacher and taking care of us when we were older. We were both very pleased about the last bit of course, because you never know if retirement homes still exist when we'll need them.

Now however, she is in training to become a cowgirl - slash - private eye. Please do us a favour though and don't tell anyone about the last part, for, as you will understand, it is to be kept a secret.
The cowgirl part isn't, so I worked on a design that would inform the world gently of this change in plans.

A pity she can't wear it at the moment; it is pouring down with rain (yes, again) and about 16 degrees.

That's it for now, hope you have a nice & cosy day inside today (or better still, that you will see the sun today and have the opportunity to go out)



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