Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Graduation Exhibition

Hi There,

Yes, I was here but I just didn't have time enough in my day to include some blogging too! It is the End of the School Year (notice the capitals) and that means a lot of extra things to be done, seen to, organised etc. All fun stuff, so I am not complaining, but sometimes a bit taxing on the brain to remember everything. Ha, who needs sudokus to keep their brain in gear if they can just keep up with the End of the School Year rush?

That said, I did have time to visit the graduation exhibition of the Royal Academy of Art. It was something on my list of Things to Do (ah, those capitals..) so I was very happy to finally make it.

Of course the Textile Section was the first thing we visited. And look:

These are panels of digitally printed polyester by Kelly Leever. The effect of those tall panels, and the variety in transparency, was awesome. Such colour and vibrancy ...

I hope you can see the embroidery detail here. She also cut out little patterns which made the overall effect even more interesting to look at. And just look at these wonderful designs:


Another graduate is Bao Yao Fei. His pieces are all beautiful, interesting, and finished to a very high standard. I just love the chain mail effect used for the tunic and coat. 

Foto  Foto  Foto

Not in the textile section but very interesting too, is the work presented by Eva Murakeozy. Just using uncomplicated pen and paper she creates enormously intricate and mysterious designs that create a feeling of tension. You can't help but stare at little parts of the drawing and wonder where they will lead you, as if the drawing is a map that you just don't know how to use yet...


Eva Murakeozy is a plant physiologist by training and you can see that reflected in the enormous amount of detail in her work.

Well, I hope that will leave you with enough inspiration for today. 

Have a nice day and try to loose yourself in wonderment for a bit!


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