Wednesday, 22 August 2012


Hah! I got you there, didn't I? You must have thought I'd fallen off the side of the Earth or had undergone a similar fate by now, didn't you?

But nothing so dramatic I'm afraid. Just getting carried away with the whole holiday-laze-around-virus. Veeeery dangerously contagious too!

In my defence, I was doing stuff but nothing very worthwhile of a mention here. Better mention the 'lots of eating ice creams' and similar low intensity activity with the family. To make myself feel a bit purposeful and as if I had a plan, we did a dab of shopping once or twice ('twas the sales after all) but that was mostly it. I really, really enjoyed these summery weeks.

But now we are almost back to normal life. The girls have started school again, enjoy seeing their friends and getting back into a routine. So, if all goes well, I should be getting back into my routine as well!

Just a glimpse of what I did do over the holidays

I have started joining my grannies! Riveting stuff like you wouldn't believe! Sorting the various colours is such a lovely thing to do. Little piles of colourful grannies were everywhere on the dining room table for 3 days.

The lovely Lucy provided me with a way of joining them I didn't know before. If you are interested, she has a very clear tutorial with lots of photographs and extremely clear instructions (so people like me can understand them). There are many other tutorials in her list for you to enjoy too.

HTTYS (Hopefully Talk To You Soon)


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