Sunday, 26 August 2012

New colours

Hello There!

I was like a child in a candy shop when the new colours came in, wow, exiting stuff! Those lovely fluo colours that I have been coveting, and what about the girlie pink that was painfully missing in the shop?

The hardest part is to get the colours to appear sort of ok-ish on the screen. Well, I can tell you, I have failed miserably in that respect. So please treat the colours on your screen as just a general idea of what the colours may be in real life. I.e. 'Red' will not be a green tint (clue: it is red), baby pink won't be yellow. I'm afraid we are in that kind of league. I wish I could make them more realistic and more appealing, but somehow they will not co-operate. Well, what can you do??

I also really wanted to share with you the latest designs that were added to the shop. Aren't they ultra cute? I hope you have a good day today and TTYS!


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