Monday, 1 October 2012


Hello and goooood morning!

Do you remember this tunic and how it was soo big? This fact sat in the back of my brain, and when I needed (ha-ha-haw!) another tunic I tried one for myself in a size 158/164, and it did fit!

The material is a very sheer greyish green fabric. The only adornments are a few mother of pearl buttons, velvet ribbon around the arms and a bit of last minute in-front-of-the-telly beading. Of the latter, may I recommend that you do not try this yourself, as I already saw a couple of loose sequins after only 2 washes.

The pattern, as mentioned, is the Sammy pattern by Farbenmix. 

The fact that this tunic pattern is usable for adults has made me think I might use other patterns too. What about a nice pair of trackie bottoms à la Maren? The pattern goes up to a size 176, so maybe interesting for even more people?

Have a fun day today!


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