Friday, 8 February 2013

Opruiming stoffen

GERESERVEERD Set van diverse rib/veloursstofjes. Let op, door 'spijtaanval' valt de tweede stof van de linkerrij af, dus het gaat hier om 5 stofjes. Afmetingen van links naar rechts, van boven naar beneden: 60cm, 70cm, X, 60cm, 60cm, 90cm. Totale pakket 6 euro.

GERESERVEERD Set batikstofjes van katoen, afmetingen geel 1m, groen 50cm en roze 50cm. Setje voor 2 euro totaal.

GERESERVEERD Roze gebloemde katoen, afmetingen 1,5m bij 1,5m breed, 3 euro.

GERESERVEERD Middenblauwe jeans, 1,5m bij 1,5m breed. Op een klein gedeelte zitten kleine pitjes (weeffoutjes) in de stof. Hele lap 4 euro.

Jeans, fuchsia/wit gestreept. Afmetingen 75cm bij 1,50 breed, 2 euro.

Stevige diepdonkerblauwe jeans, 1,60m bij 1,50m breed, vijf euro.

Jeans, blauw - geel gestreept, stukje van 80cm (1,50m breed). Leuk voor een stoere korte broek; twee euro.


Monday, 7 January 2013

Hello there,

A fresh and new beginning after a busy period! Happy new year everyone! Let's hope 2013 will be a good year for you, in as many ways as possible.

This morning it was back to life as we know it. No more lie-ins, alas! But, everyone was in a good mood this morning and ready to go in good time. We even had time to read two more stories of our holiday read (which is De grote Robin by Sjoerd Kuyper. If you haven't already read it I would strongly recommend it for anyone with kids between 4 - 99 yrs). We thought we might finish it over the Christmas holidays but we didn't manage it. So basically we have some holiday fun left over for this harsh first week of school, which can only be a bonus.

Creative production was very low over the last couple of weeks. Just lots of 'finishing things' and 'getting stuff done', cleaning, sorting, you know the drill. Lots of inspiration though, so looking forward for some time to create.

Hope you have a good day,


Stripy home wear

Hello there,

Don't you think this is the best time of year for making home wear? Warm and comfy, when the weather outside is wet and blustery.

I was very, very happy when my birthday wish for a good home wear pattern was granted. The Maren pattern has turned out to be the very useful basic pattern that I have been wanting for a long time, even allowing me to join in the fun. This is what the first one looks like (apologies for the pathetic photographs, I have no excuse other than that I am a bad photographer).

I have made another one, in similar but candy pink stripes, for our youngest one and they get a lot of wear. Definitely a firm favourite for all of us.


Tuesday, 6 November 2012


Hello there,

Whilst perusing one of my favourite magazines, Molly Makes, my eyes fell on the word koumpounphobia. Well isn't that an interesting word?!

It actually means 'fear of buttons' which probably isn't very nice at all, but the word itself could well be Word of the Day, or because it is so special, go straight to Word of the Week!

Read this Huffington post article to know more about its seriousness.

On the topic of words, there is a wonderful children's book called La grande fabrique de mots by Agnes de Lestrade, with the most beautiful illustrations by Valeria Docampo. Well worth investigating!

JPG - 20.8 ko

On that note I will leave you,
enjoy today!

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Why I shouldn't be near an iron

Hello there,

Yes, it is official, I should not be near an iron! Ironing seems to bring out the worst in me and it makes me ruin things.

Monday, inspired by the nasty weather, I thought I'd start on a warm hooded cardigan with a piece of woollen fleece I bought recently. It was an industry off cut with curious red writing on it (I love that kind of thing!) and I thought it would be good to use it to see whether the Maren hoodie pattern by Farbenmix would also work as an adult pattern.

The good news is that is does work. I used the second largest size, and not the largest, because I found the pattern to be quite generous in size. What you cannot see in the photo above is that I shouldn't have ironed the bottom. Thinking it would be safe to use steam on a wool setting, I happily went ahead and pressed the bottom seam with, to put it mildly, not the desired result. I should have known, because I did something similar before. So why didn't I think? The acrylic in the ribbing can not take the heat.

The bottom hem is now all wobbly. So sad. I have a glimmer of hope (ever the optimist) that the ribbing might turn back to its former springy self once I wash it again, but that is just the merest glimmer really.

Have a nice and cozy day,


Monday, 29 October 2012

Wide awake

Hi There,

My humblest apologies for my absence here. I wasn't sitting in the sun eating grapes, honestly! Just busy tying about one thousand little knots together. But now I am no longer doing that, so my life should soon start to resemble that haven of tranquility that is my regular life again. Humour me, ok? I like to hang on to that image because it makes me feel just slightly calmer.

I can't even remember where I was, it is that long ago, tssssh. Better first get my bearings before I start rambling. Let me leave you with an image of serenity for you to meditate on.

Enjoy the snooze!


Monday, 1 October 2012


Hello and goooood morning!

Do you remember this tunic and how it was soo big? This fact sat in the back of my brain, and when I needed (ha-ha-haw!) another tunic I tried one for myself in a size 158/164, and it did fit!

The material is a very sheer greyish green fabric. The only adornments are a few mother of pearl buttons, velvet ribbon around the arms and a bit of last minute in-front-of-the-telly beading. Of the latter, may I recommend that you do not try this yourself, as I already saw a couple of loose sequins after only 2 washes.

The pattern, as mentioned, is the Sammy pattern by Farbenmix. 

The fact that this tunic pattern is usable for adults has made me think I might use other patterns too. What about a nice pair of trackie bottoms à la Maren? The pattern goes up to a size 176, so maybe interesting for even more people?

Have a fun day today!